Divorcing In Utah Kit

Divorcing In Utah Kit

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Our goal is to help provide clarity & confidence as you begin this process. Inside, you will find dozens of documents you can use to get started on the divorce process. Divorce is not easy – that much is true. We believe that no one should ever have to walk this path alone. Download your guide today.

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There is a lot of information here!! – we recommend that you watch our videos at www.divorceplanningpros.com to orient you on the best way to navigate all of this information.

First, download the Divorce Roadmap pdf. It is an extremely easy to use guide to help you understand the divorce process. Next, dig into the folder titled “Utah Divorce Procedures.” This folder contains useful information on a variety of topics. You can also visit the Utah Courts website to gather more information.

Last, start working through the “Utah Divorce Planning Documents” folder. We recommend you download materials in this order:

  • Priorities

  • Getting Started Guide

  • To Do List

  • Assets & Liabilities

  • My Personal Expenses

  • Household Inventory

  • Document List

  • Client Data Sheets

  • Checklist Evaluating a Divorce Agreement

Watch our videos at www.divorceplanningpros.com to learn how to best complete each of these documents & successfully prepare for your own divorce.