How Can a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst Help?


A CDFA® is an experienced financial professional who has completed rigorous training & certification process approved by the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts (IDFA). 

Your divorce is primarily comprised of three parts:

Equitable Property Division

Spousal Support

Child Custody

Your CDFA® helps by:

  • Potentially save time & money in divorce costs. Your CDFA® quickly compiles & analyzes data for mediation. Additionally, your CDFA® can act as a financial neutral in cases where both spouses are amicable & working pro se, or, without attorneys.

  • Analyze & simplifies complex tax issues.  Because of this, you should find a CDFA® that is also a licensed tax advisor.

  • Manage expectations & provide long-term planning support

  • Assist with compiling your financial declarations & general budgeting

  • Create a post-divorce plan. Your CDFA® will help remove the emotion from your financial decisions which will assist you in making sound long-term choices.

  • Collect, organize & prepare financial information for both you and your attorney. Because most CDFA's are financial planners or accountants, they can also help prepare income & net worth statements. These reports detail long-term ramifications of your settlement agreement & can project out 10, 20 or even 50 years.

  • As part of your divorce team, your CDFA® will work with your attorney to ensure your divorce settlement has the best outcome.