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Divorce planning is a fee-only service. We can work as a financial neutral or as an advocate. Whether you are Pro Se, or have legal counsel, we create defensible financial analysis & reports to help determine the best short & long-term solutions to your divorce settlement agreement.

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Comprehensive Divorce Financial Planning

$150/hour — From start to finish, we’re there by your side. Our comprehensive flat-fee financial planning service creates defensible, detailed analysis & reporting of your best settlement options.

Financial Declarations

$150/hour — Defensible, detailed & comprehensive financial declarations will help you determine viable settlement proposals. Knowing where you stand financially is a critical step in the divorce process.

QDRO Facilitation

$800 — The split of a retirement account can be extremely difficult & time consuming. We have years of experience working with various plan administrators & have implemented best practices to ease the property division process.

Mediation Support

$150/hour — Working alongside your attorney, we can accurately determine short & long-term ramifications of your various settlement proposals.  

Marital Property Valuations

$150/hour — Assets that include marital & separate property require accurate analysis & reporting to ensure fair & equitable divisions. The most common valuations are done for pensions, real estate & retirement accounts.

Tax Preparation & Representation

$150/hour — An IRS Enrolled Agent has unlimited rights to represent taxpayers before the IRS for any tax issue in all 50 states. We provide independent, fair & professional tax preparation, planning & representation services when required. 

Maintenance Buyout Calculations

$150/hour — Determining the total value of your spousal support helps clients understand the true value of each settlement proposal. Also, some clients choose to “buy out” their spouse rather than pay monthly support for many years.

Executive Compensation Valuation

$150/hour —  Deferred compensation, private equity & stock options create unique problems in divorce. Our combined experience in tax & financial planning uniquely qualifies us to determine accurate representations of these assets.

Lifestyle Analysis

Contact us for details — A valuable forensic analysis tool used to deconstruct spending habits & potentially uncover hidden assets & marital waste. A carefully-prepared, comprehensive Lifestyle Analysis can make the difference in a financially successful divorce settlement agreement.

Post-Divorce Financial Planning

Contact us for details —Working together post-divorce, we develop & coach clients through personalized financial plans built around your goals. Confidently make important financial decisions designed to protect & build wealth.