Terms + Conditions

Limiting Conditions

All analysis is completed based on documents provided by client(s) and is subject to the accuracy of that data. Fit Divorce Planning LLC, dba Utah Divorce Services has not audited, reviewed or compiled the financial information provided to us and, accordingly, we express no audit opinion or any other form of assurance on this information.

All reports are for the exclusive use of the Court, the parties, and parties’ attorneys for the sole and specific purposes as noted herein. They may not be used for any other purpose or by any other party for any purpose.

Neither all nor any part of the contents of any report should be disseminated to the public through advertising media, public relations, news media, sales media, mail, direct transmittal, or any other means of communication.

Future services regarding the subject matter of any report, including but not limited to testimony or attendance in court, shall not be required of Fit Divorce Planning LLC, dba Utah Divorce Services unless previous arrangements have been made in writing.

No change of any item in appraisal reports shall be made by anyone other than Fit Divorce Planning LLC, dba Utah Divorce Services and we shall have no responsibility for any such unauthorized change.

We express no opinion and accept no responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of the financial information or other data provided to us by others. We assume the financial and other information provided to us is accurate and complete, and we have relied up this information in performing our valuation.

We have no responsibility or obligation to update reports for events or circumstances occurring subsequent to the date of this report.

The obligations of Fit Divorce Planning LLC, dba Utah Divorce Services are solely limited liability corporation obligations, and no partner, principal, officer, director employee, agent, contractor, shareholder, owner or controlling person shall be subject to any personal liability whatsoever to any person, nor will any such claim be asserted by or on behalf of any other party to this agreement or any person relying on the reports.


Conflict of Interest Disclosures

The following provides an understanding regarding any conflicts of interest within or between our business practices

Through the services of Fit Divorce Planning, LLC dba Utah Divorce Services, we provide a fee-for service business, which helps our clients in divorce counseling. Joseph A. Davis, EA CDFA is the primary stockholder in this company.

Through Davis Financial LLC, we offer clients financial planning and asset management that on a fee-only basis. Joseph A. Davis, EA, CDFA has a vested interest in directing business to this firm. On a very limited basis we may sell insurance products through Securities America & Creative One Marketing.

When you work with us through Fit Divorce Planning, LLC dba Utah Divorce Services, or Davis Financial, LLC, you will be charged a fee for the service rendered through either of those companies separately and independently. So that there will be no future misunderstanding, any recommendations to pursue financial planning, asset management, or to purchase insurance products will require no obligation on your part to complete those recommendations through our firms.

We emphasize that you are not obligated in any way to retain us as your financial planner, asset manager, or insurance agent. You are free to select any financial planning firm, Registered Investment Advisor, or insurance agent or other vendors you desire for the implementation of any recommendations.

We are not authorized to render legal advice or prepare legal documentation for you. You should look into your own lawyer for these services. We are not authorized to serve as a trustee for you. Acting upon the advice of your lawyer, you should select appropriate individual(s) or trust companies to provide this service.

This disclosure serves as an understanding of our business practices and as an explanation of any potential conflicts of interest.

Joseph A. Davis, EA, CDFA & Fit Divorce Planning, LLC dba Utah Divorce Services is NOT AN ATTORNEY AND DOES NOT PROVIDE LEGAL ADVICE. All information provided is financial in nature and should not be construed or relied upon as legal advice.  Individuals seeking legal advice should solicit the counsel of competent legal professionals knowledgeable about the divorce laws in their own geographical areas. Divorce financial planning is a fee-only process that does not involve investment advice or securities or insurance transactions.