Fortitudine Vincimus
~ By Endurance We Conquer ~
— Ernest Shackleton

Joe is very knowledgeable at what he does. He helped walk me through how the whole divorce process work. He was also very kind and patient. Definitely the best place to go to for help with navigating a divorce.

— Jackie m.

This company is the best decision I made while going through my divorce proceeding. This is especially great for stay at home parents. I will be forever grateful for the help I received from Joe

— Aliea S.

I could not get through my divorce with peace of mind without FIT Divorce Planning. They were extremely knowledgeable and never made me feel dumb for the never-ending questions that I kept asking. Highly recommend!

— Susie D.

Joe was very helpful during my rough time. I felt like I had a new friend. With Joe’s help, I knew what to ask for in the divorce and what would not be worth the money or time. I would highly recommend Joe’s services!

— Nannette G.


A great resource for divorcing people!

— Jennifer n.

Very professional!

— Janelle D.

Everyone involved with the process were professional and courteous.

— David D.